We did a nice project with the sneaker giant. This project was really cool it involved centralizing user authentication. These guys get tons of traffic and their IT and Dev groups are really awesome. The whole experience there was kind of what you’d expect, the best of the best. I learned so much from the PMs there I can honestly say I know how to play in the software big leagues.



What’s cooler than taking notes? Drawing notes.
What’s cooler than drawing notes? Texting them to your friends.
What’s cooler than that? Nothing.

Send your custom drawings to your friends make sure to keep them clean though kids! The pen and paper ain’t got nothing on this app; unless you build really awesome paper airplanes and can fly them to people really far away.

To make people laugh and help Oregon Make A Wish Foundation in the process. This app should make you laugh and if it doesn’t then I hope it helps you do something else.

Privacy Policy
We don’t collect any data and therefore your privacy is respected. The app stores all the data on your phone and we don’t have -nor do we want- access to your data. Look I hope you use the app and laugh, if that happens then I’ve succeeded.


Love and Light my friends Chris.