Our services

Pure Source Technologies is an Open Source software development agency which provides turn key development, testing, and management teams for your educational, emergency response, or custom software systems.

Our vision

We believe and have proven that Open Source software systems can be used to create highly available, scalable, and dependable systems.  We use our expertise to design, develop, and deploy Open Source solutions into some of the largest sectors of the world.  We have created solutions for some of the largest educational publishers, one of the largest apparel manufacturers, and at the national level emergency response.

We believe in the Java Virutal Machine and generally base our solutions on it.  We know how to develop rapidly on the JVM and pride ourselves on utilizing Grails the same technology used at Netflix and LinkedIn, we’ve been using it for nearly a decade and have proven it works.  We specialize in developing RESTful based APIs that are consumed by AngularJS web clients or by Native Mobile apps and we secure our systems with OAuth to ensure we can integrate and provide industry standard security mechanisms.

Who we are

We are a Portland, OR. based company with a development center in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Pure Source was established in 2010 by Chris Buckley who is a technology evangelist, inventor, mentor, and friend.